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Become more visible and attract more clients by using this easy content and promotion planner.

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    “Consistently create content and you’ll elevate your visibility, build you’re credibility, and be top of mind when your audience is ready to buy.”

    Bonnie Chomica

    The Content Creation Mentor

    What's it all about?

    Do you randomly post to social media, email your list, write a blog, or live stream?

    Randomness will keep you invisible and your lead list empty.

    This 2022 Content Planner Tool helps you develop your personal content creation process, so you deliver consistent, client-attracting information.

    This is not just a spreadsheet. It’s an opportunity to be creative, to be efficient, and to be more effective with your content.

    That will help you make a bigger impact and put more money in your wallet.

    What you get:

    This easy-to-use Content Planner Tool is a multiple spreadsheets file with explanatory video.

    Mapped out for 2022, it will help you commit to your content creation and promotion process.

    • Simple spreadsheet format
      (don’t worry – no formulas)
    • Colour-coded for easier planning
    • Structure to plan by day, week, quarter
    • Customizable to your business
    • Reuse year after year
    • Keep track of what you’ve posted
    • Includes Q4 2021 to start using today

    Easy to use. Easy to customize.
    Easy to keep you accountable.

    “The planning tool looks fantastic, and the explainer video is excellent. I love the colour coordination which simplifies the process at a glance. It’s a great tool to organize all my social media activities across several platforms.”
    - Darlene Goodrick
    I need something that is simple and easy to look at so I can quickly see what I need to do. Too many platforms allow me to do too many things and, consequently, everything gets buried and I can’t find anything. Your planner makes it much simpler. I have mine filled out six months into the future. There is not much on it, but I can see everything that I need to see. Thank you for creating it!
    ~Kimberly Smith
    “I love the video explaining how to use the tool and how to adapt it for my personal situation. And the layout and colour coding indicate how I can unleash my creativity using the tool.“
    - Barb Ashcroft